Joker's Bio

    In My Own Words I've been a big Hair Band, and hard rock metal fan since I Was A Jr. high school Kid In 1983. I bought my first hard rock cassette tape called Pyromania by the artist, Def Leppard. From there, I continued with bands such as Kiss, Dokken, Motley Crue, Scorpions, Joker, and Metallica. I used to watch MTV's Headbanger's Ball Every Sat. night with friends.
    MY love grew more & more for the whole metal and hard rock genres, even though they stopped playing all my favorite bands on MTV, along with FM Radio. I still to this day, NEVER gave up on the music I love.
    So how did I get into being a internet DJ, and also become a station owner? Well, I started a tribute page on November Of 2007, another band I love and grew up listening to, was The Band Joker, from the Chicago area. Now you see Where I got my DJ-name from. Joker NOT JOKER, like in the Batman comics, Or The Rolling Papers HA!
    My FIRST internet radio station I started out on, was, but I started out as a DJ on and was trained by the one, and Only DJ-Jessica Wylde OWNER Of I met The Badass of internet radio, DJ-Brian Boone, OWNER Of, before we sold it the FIRST TIME. When I started,but now to this DAY, I still have I just wanted my music to be heard, and to give all the bands their respect that MTV, and FM Radio didn't give them.
    We represent all bands, signed, and unsigned. Bands more so in the hard rock, rock, metal, and punk rock genres. All the  staff members and DJ's are my family, we work together, keep it drama free, and all dedicated too. The cause that just WHY we do this, is for it's YOU GUYS, THE FANS, AND FOR THE BANDS!!

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